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Head of School
Presidio Knolls School,
San Francisco, CA

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Education Consulting

When I first attended Dr. Keisha’s presentation on “How to Talk to Young Children about Racism” at a virtual conference a few years ago, her vibrant and passionate energy was palpable even through Zoom. I knew back then she could be an amazing resource for us to learn and navigate in this world that calls for diversity, equality, inclusion, and justice. Now we are lucky to have Dr. Keisha as our school’s DEI consultant.


Her work with our school has been approachable yet impactful to our teachers, admins, and families. Specifically, in terms of enriching our progressive curriculum with a DEI lens, Dr. Keisha has given us amazing literacy resources that can be used in all languages and has provided fresh yet profound angles for the teachers to talk about DEI.


We all learn with her at our own pace. She always makes sure to give us a safe space to grow and reflect on some sensitive and emotional topics. With Dr. Keisha’s guidance, I am excited to see our teachers getting more and more comfortable having DEI conversations that are connected to students’ learning journeys!

Dr. Keisha is invested in the work and in providing the materials, resources, and support necessary for participants to successfully implement the strategies in their everyday work. Our overall goal is to leave the world of childcare a better place for the children and families that we serve. We know that we are not alone on this journey and are grateful and honored that Dr. Keisha is on it with us.

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