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Gem Barrett

Founder & CEO
Nai's House

Suicide Prevention and Holistic Mental Health Support
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One-on-One Coaching

A session with Dr. Keisha is like nothing I have experienced before! 


Dr. Keisha has an amazing ability to pick up on the tiniest body, tone or facial expressions (literally nowhere to hide!) and zoom in to explore the challenges and possible solutions.

Right from the first session Dr. Keisha was able to sit alongside me and explore ways that I could enhance my productivity and self value as a CEO. She immediately picked up on the self imposed barriers I had created and gently explored ways in which I could remove them to enhance the areas that needed attention.


Our sessions enabled me to reflect on how I perceive my position in my charity and how I can be better placed to help my team as a leader. 

In just a short space of time Dr. Keisha has managed to assist me in being more confident and self assured in myself and as CEO.


Her compassion, questioning and warmth radiates. Her knowledge and range of skills seems endless. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have Dr Keisha work with me. 


I am truly grateful for Dr. Keisha's support and am so appreciative of her time and input. 

Just an amazing and gifted human. 

Thank you Dr. Keisha. 

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