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Where transformative care meets the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), racial literacy, and professional development

As a scholar, researcher, and advocate of racial literacy education and leadership development, Dr. Keisha brings a wealth of expertise to empower organizations and individuals in creating inclusive and thriving environments.


Our Education Consulting Services focus on equipping leaders with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within their institutions. Dr. Keisha's deep understanding of racial literacy and its significance in today's world ensures leaders gain valuable insights into cross-cultural communication, embracing diversity, and promoting inclusivity.

We offer specialized professional development programs tailored to your organization's unique needs. Our training sessions are designed to inspire leaders to become effective agents of change, fostering a culture of inclusivity and equity. Through workshops, lectures, and interactive discussions, participants will gain practical skills and a heightened awareness of the importance of DEI in their professional spheres.

Dr. Keisha's approach to Education Consulting is rooted in research, best practices, and a commitment to supporting leaders in their growth.

Dr. Keisha's approach to Education Consulting is rooted in research, best practices, and a commitment to supporting leaders in their growth. Her expertise in racial literacy education provides organizations with the tools to address bias, promote cultural competence, and create environments where all individuals can thrive.

Our Education Consulting Services encompass the following key areas:

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By engaging in Dr. Keisha's Education Consulting Services, your organization will embark on a transformative journey, fostering an inclusive, equitable, and empowering workplace culture.

Together, we will build a strong foundation for growth and success, where diversity is celebrated and all voices are valued.

Are you ready to lead purposefully, embrace diversity, and promote inclusivity within your organization?

Contact us today to discover how Dr. Keisha Siriboe's Education Consulting Services can empower your leaders and elevate your organization to new heights of excellence.


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Dr. Keisha is a visionary who leads with compassion, openness, and insight. Her work with our teachers and families has meaningfully advanced our goals to enhance diversity and inclusiveness in our school community. Her presentations and facilitation are dynamic and engaging, and she has effectively opened safe spaces for discussion of some extremely complex and sometimes uncomfortable issues. She has a unique ability to offer fresh perspectives to discussions that can sometimes devolve into dogma and ideology, and she has created understanding and around the urgent needs within our community to continue to innovate, iterate, and become our best selves. It has been an honor and pleasure to work with her!

Chris Livaccari

Head of School at Presidio Knolls School

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