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One-on-One Coaching

“Your altruism is Expensive!”, was the first statement that Coach Keisha said to me during our initial coaching session and it destroyed the fixed, limited mindset under which I had operated for my entire 50 years of life. 
It was then that I realized that my future self would be made better, richer, and stronger by having her as my mindset coach!

Each of our sessions brought new revelations and insights into who I had sentenced myself to be professionally and socially.  Dr. Keisha never abandoned me in the sea of these newfound insights, she instead, came alongside me and offered me an elevated perspective with practical ways to incorporate new ways to be and show up in my interactions.

No two sessions were alike, Dr. Keisha was keenly aware of which techniques to employ to meet my needs at that time. Whether through breathing techniques, visualization or writing exercises Dr. Keisha’s training created a safe, judgment-free, and accountable environment for growth. I am unapologetically operating in my God-given purpose in large part due to the transformational coaching of Dr. Keisha Siriboe.
I am excited to discover even more gifts that are inside of me as she and I embark on another level of coaching. 

Keisha Menears-Wilson
Executive Senior Care Sales Representative,  Eli Lilly and Company

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